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Mary Ellen Koontz Farmers Mkt Manager

By Mary Ellen Koontz, Cleveland Park Farmers Market Manager

It’s been a hot week, but that won’t stop us from meeting at market again this weekend! We have our second addition of our family reading circle under the Uptown marquee at 9:15 with Politics and Prose and the Keegan Theatre. Stop by for breakfast and a cold drink after to refuel before a day at the pool.

Believe it or not, this weather is great for the produce our farmers grow! That also means I can successfully avoid turning on my stove and heating up my home most days in favor of easy meals centered around our beautiful market goods.

Here’s what I’m cooking up:

  • I think the heirloom tomatoes at Garner’s are made to be enjoyed as purely as possible, so I’ve been making this tomato burrata toast from Real Simple all week. It’s great anytime of day (I’ve even had it for breakfast!) and easy to add basil and a balsamic glaze to if caprese is more your speed, and fresh mozzarella is often a bit easier to find than burrata.
    • Fresh bread really lets the tomatoes and burrata shine here, so make sure you get a loaf of “rustic” bread from Metropolitan Bakery this weekend. 
  • Rendezvous Farms also has the perfect grape tomatoes ripe off the vine! I’ve been adding them to an arugula and basil salad with a bit of protein, balsamic vinegar, EVOO, fresh mozzarella and nectarines from Kuhns. The baby radishes from Mike’s stand add a great flavor to the salad, too! 
    • This recipe is similar, if panzaella isn’t doing it for you, try making croutons with bread that’s been sitting out for a few days.
  • My go-to morning parfaits is so much better in the summer when I can add fresh berries with my greek yogurt, honey, and granola. This weeks pick was the blueberries from Kuhn’s and I’m already missing the black raspberries we had a couple weeks ago. 
  • Confession: sometimes I don’t eat yogurt for breakfast. Or the dinner I totally planned on eating. On those days, there’s a pretty strong chance that I’m having some toast or a bagel thin with Cold Country’s salmon spread… which is also good with tomatoes. I wasn’t kidding about my refusal to use my stove! 
  • The temperature is set to break 100 degrees on Saturday, and I’m already looking forward to some cold iced tea from VegHeaven. I’m also told they’ll be bringing prepared goods to take you from breakfast to lunch this Saturday! 

See you at market!

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