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Mary Ellen Koontz Farmers Mkt Manager

By Mary Ellen Koontz, Cleveland Park Farmers Market Manager

Huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Great Cleveland Park Yard Sale last week! Everyone I talked to at market had rave reviews and great things in hand. This week, we’re back on a more normal pace with a visitor from Cleveland Park’s favorite market bluegrass band, Roan Gap playing from 10 – 12:30.

Here’s what’s in my market basket this week:

  • I’m heading out of town this week and will be bringing along “The Mayor” from Cracked Eggery for the car ride for myself and a few friends. They sold out around noon last week, so make sure you’re there early!
    • Going light on bread or meat? Check out their new seasonal sandwich or try a grain bowl!
  • Also along for the road trip? A few donuts from VegHeaven. Last week, Sade brought along some delicious looking red velvet donuts (they sold out before I could try them!).
  • I live by the “apple a day” principle, so I’ll be picking up the last Honeycrisp and Crimson apples until the fall harvest from Kuhns.
    • Tabby’s also bringing the last of the asparagus and the first garlic scapes of the season! The two roast beautifully together in this recipe, and I love using fresh strawberries for a quick chia seed jam.
  • Speaking of, Metropolitan Bakery‘s bread is my jam (get it?) and perfect for a breakfast toast. Stop by for your favorite loaf before they sell out.
  • If you’re feeling more savory than sweet, schmear Cold Country‘s Salmon dip on a bagel. It’s a delicious, filling, and quick meal!
  • Green Almond Pantry‘s hummus and lemon fava dip has been my go-to lunch with some veggies or crackers lately. It’s perfect for busy, hot summer days!
  • Finally, blueberry season continues at Garners, but I’m eyeing the squash special this week- fill-your-own bucketful of squash for $5!

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