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Mary Ellen Koontz Farmers Mkt Manager

By Mary Ellen Koontz, Cleveland Park Farmers Market Manager

Please review the market guidelines below. Don’t forget your mask, and please leave vulnerable family members, including children, as well as pets safe at home. Interesting in volunteering for market? We’re still recruiting for our volunteer market team!

This weeks vendors: Garners Produce, Cold Country Salmon, Ancient Foods, Cheese Goatees, Cracked Eggery, Via Volcan Coffee, and Kuhn Orchards

Here’s what I’m cooking:

  • Chicken with Spring Onions – this recipe is the perfect use for the beautiful early-season onions at Garners.
    • Pro-tip for families: Roast two chickens at once to make sure you’ve got leftovers for the week.
  • Roasted Asparagus & Baby Potatoes – Asparagus has been a long time favorite in my family, so seeing the spears at Kuhns last weekend made my day. Time it right and you can throw the spears and potatoes into the oven about half way through the chicken roasting. I mixed mine Ancient Foods olive oil to bring out the best flavors.
  • Lunch time snack boards – These really are my go-to for my mid-day meal, and I think they’d serve families well, too. Carrots, crackers, and celery or cucumbers are perfect with Cheese Goatee’s Pimento goat cheese, and I’ve been keeping this buffalo chicken salad in my fridge (canned chicken works great here). Add an apple- from Kuhns, of course, and some peanut butter and you’ll be set til you log off for the day.
  • At-home Cappuccinos – I’ve been craving my afternoons walks to the coffee shop around the corner from my office, but the commute free time has left me with a bag of Via Volcan and a lot of tools to experiment making an at home cappuccino with!

As the impacts of virus persists, we continue to work closely with the city to keep the market safe.  Please review these guidelines so we can keep everyone healthy:

  • Do not come to market if you are feeling sick or ill
  • Keep your trip quick (ideally under 20 minutes) and maintain a safe social distance from neighbors and vendors
    • Try to keep your visit under 20 minutes and minimize socializing
  • Masks are required; wash or sanitize your hands often
    • We strongly encourage wearing masks while travelling to, from, and around market.
  • Households should only send 1 person to market, 2 at most.
  • Enjoy food at home. Any one eating or drinking at market will be asked to leave.
  • No pets will be permitted in market at this time.
  • Move in one direction and maintain social distancing.

We will be restricting the number of people in market at one time through a single point of entry at the mid-block crosswalk, near Byblos Deli. In-person purchases are available, but pre-ordering is highly recommended.

Find more information on the District’s guidelines for markets here.

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