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Mary Ellen Koontz Farmers Mkt Manager

By Mary Ellen Koontz, Cleveland Park Farmers Market Manager

The start of September also means the start of fall produce at market! I’m not sure I can choose a favorite season, but fall vegetables are definitely up there- especially since I’ve been craving root vegetables for weeks.

  • Speaking of root vegetables, Rendezvous Farms has been stocked with carrots, beets, and radishes the last few weeks. Perfect for snacking and roasting for easy meal-prep all week long.
  • Garner’s Produce is starting to see the end of summer produce, so make sure to grab your favorites before they’re gone til next year!
  • Roasting lots of veggies is a perfect excuse to pick up a bottle or two of olive oil from Ancient Foods and topping it with goat cheese from Cheese Goatees who are returning to market this week!
  • The start of autumn in the Pennsylvania mountains near Kuhns Orchard means that apple season is here! There are only a couple weeks left of peaches and nectarines while early season apples are changing every week.
  • Cold Country is currently up in Alaska getting their fall catch! It’s the perfect time to order lots of salmon at a discounted price- you can even pick up from market.
  • Have you seen the Washington Post article on Green Almond Pantry? One of our long time vendors had an excellent review in the Post and we agree!
  • My go-to breakfast on weekends (and a busy weekday) is a muffin or croissant and a cup of coffee. VegHeaven makes the best vegan baked goods and Metropolitan Bakery has their pastries down to a science. Those two, paired with a cup of coffee from ViaVolcan is the perfect way to start a busy day at market.

Don’t forget that Mechelle’s Baking Company is on their off week and Cracked is back at Smorgasburg.

See you at market!

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