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Orly’s Take on a Tuesday Talk

by Orly Jossen

In school, do you meet people who have won a Pulitzer Prize (Matt Wuerker) or personally interviewed President Trump (Jake Sherman)?! Matt and Jake’s Tuesday Talk presentation at the Cleveland Park Library on February 19 captivated how reporters and political cartoonists work in a unique, interesting way.

The presentation was a Goldilocks length, that is to say it was not too long but also not too short: all packed with humor, fun, and metaphors. One of the most interesting facts I learned was that when Matt draws Trump, he always identifies him by his hair. One of the many stories that Jake shared was that after the 2016 election as a reporter he once went to Trump Tower and asked to speak with the President-Elect. When he arrived it was just as you would see the Trump office on reality TV.

In my opinion, their presentation was very fun, jam packed with details, and was a great place to ask questions.  I would definitely go again and listen to more speeches. This one proved it.  Those two were a great pair, knowing how to work together, collaborate, and both had very interesting ways of working with politics.

A word to the wise: to all parents who have children and one of them might be less interested in the presentation as the other, bring markers and crayons, because you will see the experience will be much more relaxing ;).

Orly Jossen is 8 years old, attends Oyster Adams Elementary School, and enjoys exploring politics. She also loves to read about “The Psychology of Harry Potter.” Orly would like to thank her father for helping her set her facts straight and Susie Zimmermann for introducing her to the idea of writing an article. 

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