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Mary Ellen Koontz Farmers Mkt Manager

By Mary Ellen Koontz, Cleveland Park Farmers Market Manager

Are you ready for the long weekend? I’m looking forward to lots of cooking- warm soups, apple dishes, and lots of roasted veggies are all calling my name. Here’s what I’m picking up at market this week:

  • Don’t get me wrong, Kuhn Orchard has incredible apples and cider, but their pears are also delicious! The day off on Monday is the perfect opportunity to try these waffles with caramelized pears!
  • Substitute the tilapia in this recipe for Cold Country‘s halibut and you’ve got a fun take on Taco Tuesday!
  • Rendezvous Farms is packed to the brim! I’m picking up some beets this week to make a beautiful beet hummus.
  • The hummus will be perfect with the crackers from Green Almond Pantry!
  • Cracked Eggery is bringing back their Bittersweet Symphony to celebrate the fall season! Pair their sandwich with a cup of coffee for Via Volcan for a great start to the long weekend or pick up a pastry from VegHeaven!
  • It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for sweet potatoes and goat cheese. Luckily, Garner’s Produce and Cheese Goatees have me set for this frittata that will get me through the week!
  • I having a home cooked meal with friends this weekend, and there is no better way to keep everyone satisfied while things finish cooking than fresh bread from Metropolitan Bakery and Ancient Foods olive oil with a touch of sea salt and dried herbs.

See you at market!

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