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Mary Ellen Koontz Farmers Mkt Manager

By Mary Ellen Koontz, Cleveland Park Farmers Market Manager

After the hottest day of the summer last week, I’ve been enjoying the break from the heat this week- and I’ve even turned on my stove! I’m looking forward to trying out some new and favorite recipes this week. Be on the lookout for the Ward 3 Bike Advocates at market this week.

  • Green Almond Pantry is taking a summer vacation! Make sure you stock up on your favorites before Chef Cagla heads out for a couple weeks in August.
  • Beyond salmon, Cold Country has lots of other fresh caught fish! This recipe looks incredible and there’s an equally delicious recipe in Joshua McFadden’s Six Seasons cookbook a favorite among marketers and seasonal eaters.
  • VegHeaven is bringing the goods this week! I’m looking forward to picking up a salad from them, complete with a “cookie monster” cookie for dessert.
  • Last week, Rendezvous Farms had Romaine lettuce with them, which got me craving Grilled Caesar Salads. By grilling the romaine, you can bring out a completely different flavor and i love it with the crunch of the lettuce. This recipe is super easily and makes for a delish summer meal or a great looking side for a dinner party.
  • Kuhn’s Produce has tons of fruit, but this week I’m going for the vegetables. I’ve shared this on the market instagram before, but this savory breakfast bowl remains a healthy and filling breakfast recipe I dream of.
  • Metropolitan Bakery makes my weeks so much easier with their delicious bread. I’m looking forward to trying this croque madame with some of Garner’s tomatoes.
  • We’ve still lots of corn coming to market with Garners! I have a couple cookouts coming up, and pasta salads are a classic. It’s a little labor intensive, but ’ll be taking this “Mexican corn salad” with me next weekend.

Follow the market’s instagram for a BIG announcement about a couple vendors popping up at market this week!

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