Klingle Valley Trail

Klingle Valley Trail - Cleveland Park

From Cortland Place to Porter Street NW, Washington DC 20008


Reopened in 2017, the Klingle Valley Trail is a .7 mile multi-use path across Rock Creek Park connecting Cortland Place NW to Porter Street NW, passing under Connecticut Avenue just north of the National Zoo. The path bisects the Klingle Valley, running parallel with Klingle Creek. It follows the alignment of a section of Klingle Road NW that was severely damaged by floods in 1991 and has been barricaded off to prohibit access ever since. The trail rehabilitation work also restored Klingle Creek to resize and realign its channel and stabilize its eroded banks.

The trail provides a paved path for bikers, hikers, and strollers to avoid streets and get to Rock Creek Park from Woodley Park and the Tregaron Conservancy.

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